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Moulding line
-Jobbing foundry, with furan sand
-7 jobbing stations, each with own facilities for core production
-Coatingstation for each jobbing station
-Maximal mould dimensions: 7.000×3.500x2000mm
-Maximal cast weight: 16.000kg

Melting furnaces
-Two medium frequency coreless induction furnaces
-Maximum capacity: 3.500kg per furnace
-Melting capacity: 3000kg per hour
-Maximum of 30,000kg of liquid metal per day

-Ladle capacity: max 8.000kg
-Treatment for the production of ductile irons
-Inoculation in ladle and in-stream

-Removing sand mould
-Shot blasting
-Removing casting system and surface treatment

Pattern shop
-Construction of new patterns
-Storage of patterns for our customers
-Over 10,000 patterns in storage